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B·F B|如何在数字化时代建立信任?

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大家好!外企头条栏目又跟大家见面了! 这个周末我们推出西门子股份公司管理委员会成员、首席技术官(CTO)博乐仁(Roland Busch)1月25日在世界经济论坛网站上发表的署名文章:我们如何在数字化时代建立信任。


西门子首席技术官博乐仁 数字化技术正在改变我们的生活和经济。


Digital technologies are changing our lives and economies. Artificial intelligence, big data analytics, blockchain and cloud technologies are improving our world in countless ways. 但这些技术也带来了新的风险。


But they bring new vulnerabilities. The recently disclosed processor security gaps Spectre and Meltdown affected the privacy of data on billions of devices. 如何确保犯罪分子和邪恶势力无法入侵破坏我们广泛的数字化相关活动正在成为人们面临的严峻挑战。

Ensuring that criminal and malicious forces do not exploit our broad digital engagement is becoming a major challenge. 在信息安全领域建立信任需要政府和企业广泛携手、共同行动。



Fostering trust in cybersecurity requires a broad alliance of companies and governments to act. No single entity can do it. Decisions must be taken now. 物联网让信息安全更重要,也更具挑战性 The Internet of Things makes cybersecurity more essential – and more challenging 数字化和全球化正在改变传统格局,带来新的机遇。


Digitalization and globalization are shifting paradigms and bringing new opportunities. Billions of devices are connected by the Internet of Things, interacting on an entirely new level. 这些技术正在改变我们生活、交流和工作的方式,并在各行各业实现新的应用和商业模式。

These technologies are changing the way we live, communicate and work. They are enabling new applications and business models across all industrial sectors and verticals. 从根本上说,这些先进技术是社会进步的一大标志。

Fundamentally, these advances are a great sign of progress. 据预测,这将带来高达一万亿美元的商机。


Growth forecasts predict a trillion-dollar business. But while they improve our lives and economies, they also increase our risk of exposure to malicious cyberattacks. The world has experienced how such attacks can influence democratic elections. 越来越多的关键基础设施,比如银行、政府部门,甚至英国国家医疗服务系统都成为了网络攻击的目标。

More and more, critical infrastructures such as banks, ministries and the British National Health Service are also targets. 全球因为网络攻击而造成的损失估计每年可达到3万亿美元。


The global damage caused by such attacks is estimated at $3 trillion annually. This is approximately equivalent to the gross domestic product of countries such asGermanyorFrance. 显而易见,如果不能薄?/p>


The message is clear. Failing to protect the systems that connect and control our homes, hospitals, factories, power grids and infrastructures could have devastating consequences. 数字化世界需要基本的安全保障,至少需要达到我们在非数字化世界中普遍采用的安全措施的水平。

The digital world needs baseline security, to match the commonly accepted safety measures we take for granted in the non-digital world. 最终这将关系到我们现代生活和经济运行的方式。



Ultimately, this is about how our modern lives and economy function. Cybersecurity determines how people and organizations embrace new digital technologies. Trust in it, therefore, is the basis for any growth and progress in the digital economy. 信息安全任重道远 Current cybersecurity efforts are strong – but don’t go far enough 企业和政府现在必须采取果断行动,跟上市场快速的发展步伐,应对日益严重的犯罪威胁。

Companies and governments must take decisive action now to keep pace with the rapid advances in the market, as well as with growing threats from the criminal world. 包括IBM、微软、谷歌和亚马逊在内的开展数字业务的公司正在努力实现高水平的安全,维护公司声誉。

Digital players including IBM, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are working hard to achieve high levels of security and protect their reputation. 数字化价值不断增长的工业领域同样如此。

The same applies in the industrial world, which is seeing increasing digital value creation. 例如,西门子倡导纵深防御的理念,提供包含物理安全、网络安全、系统和软件安全在内的综合性安全机制。

For example, Siemens has adopted a defense in depth concept that provides comprehensive security mechanisms combining physical security, network security and system and software security. 政府也同样在积极采取行动。



Governments are equally willing to take action. The European Commission, for instance, released a regulation for data protection (GDPR) which will take effect in May 2018. 欧盟委员会还希望界定欧盟信息安全认证框架。


It also aims to define an EU cybersecurity certification framework. Many countries around the world are committed to facilitating more extensive and effective regulations. 所有这些举措都是有意义的。


All these efforts are helpful. But in order to make substantial headway, businesses and governments must take joint ownership and responsibility for cybersecurity. 我们必须采取集中、协调一致的方式来处理相关行动。

There must be a focused and coordinated approach to handling the relevant action fields. 建立完全信任 Creating total trust 数字化和信息安全的影响无处不在,要应对这些影响,并在全球化市场创造一个公平的竞争环境,需要政界和商业界强有力的多边合作。

Hedging the all-encompassing impact of digitalization and cybersecurity, and creating a level playing field across globalized markets, requires strong multilateral collaboration between politics and business. 政府和企业必须在最高层面共担责任,并通过明确的目标和措施来落实。

Responsibility must be taken at the highest levels of government and corporate entities. It must be reflected by clear targets and measures. 此外,必须在整个数字化价值链中落实责任,以确保最全面的信息安全。

Moreover, responsibility must be deployed throughout the entire digital value chain in order to ensure the most comprehensive cybersecurity. 这需要在信息安全方面开展基础的、持续的教育和专业培训。


This involves fundamental and ongoing education and professional training in cybersecurity. Firms and policymakers should deepen their common understanding of what is needed for continuous innovation and adaptation of technologies, regulations and standardization. 每一个利益相关者都应该成为信息安全网络的参与者,联手打击信息犯罪,共享通用、可靠的标准。



Every stakeholder should be part of a cybersecurity network that collaborates in fighting cybercrime, and that shares common and reliable standards. Data flows don’t stop at national borders, either. International rules would help everyone. 任何一方都无法凭一己之力落实所有这些必要措施。

为此,西门子提出信任宪章(Charter of Trust),呼吁在各个层面开展紧密合作。

No single entity can manage implementation of all the necessary measures. Siemens’ Charter of Trust is its attempt to initiate close collaboration at all levels. 该宪章将在慕尼黑安全会议上提交,并由商业、政治合作伙伴和见证人共同签署。

The charter will be presented and signed together by business and political partners and witnesses at the Munich Security Conference. 信息、产品和解决方案的安全性必须成为我们数字化世界不可或缺的部分。


Information, product and solution security must be an integral part of our digital world. Businesses and countries that want to play leading roles in the global digital markets will have to engage jointly in cybersecurity in order to sustain the trust of societies, customers and business partners. 其他人都在看 编辑 / 杜秀萍 来源 / 经济日报(记者陈颐、朱琳)

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